The Sunshine Shoppe

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"You are My Sunshine"... a classic song and a very fond childhood memory! This song often set a happy tone to our home as our dad sang it to our mom to brighten her day. Our loving, Christian parents instilled in us a deep desire to serve God and others. We hope to keep this legacy alive in our business at Union County Vendor Mall.

The Sunshine Shoppe, decorated in vibrant and cheerful decor, suggest sunshine and happiness to all who visit. Handmade items are our "specialty" including jewelry, hand bags, gift sets, and floral designs. Each item would be a warm and welcoming gift for the home, the hospital, a memorial sentiment, or any occasion!

With God as our focus and spreading sunshine as our goal... anything is possible!
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1463427939.jpgWe have a great selection of Floral Artistry, Handmade Costume Jewelry, and Women's Accessories at the Union County Vendor Mall Located at 155A Durham Drive in Historic Maynardville TN 37807.